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25 June 2009 @ 10:32 am
Sheep again  
1. Cigarettes: need to quit sometime soon
2. Sex: I stoped counting from the last time at 300 days
3. Relationships:Miss the other half
4. Your Last Ex is: American way collision
5. Power Rangers: ewww
6. Crack: Randy at work eww agian
7. Food: I miss food (dieting)
8. The president: asshat
9. Cars: Dodge challenger
10. Gas Prices: crap
11. Halloween: zombies/ zombie Olympics
12. Bon Jovi: Hot
13. Religion: ewww
14. Myspace: hee hee wierdos
15. worst fear: Mike not coming home from iraq
16. Marriage: Happy. will it still be good when mike comes home
17. Paris Hilton: slut
18. Brunettes: nothing
19. Redheads: nothing
20: Politics: all crooks and liers
21: Pass the time: book
22. One night stands: collage
23: Cell phone: My new lg env touch
24: Pixie Stix: sugar high
25: Vanilla Ice cream: rasberry cobbler
26: High school: Agriculture mechanics club
27. Pajamas: drop drawer
28. Wood: camping
29. Wet Socks: stink
30. Alcohol: Blue moon
31. The word HATE: I hate dieting
32. Your best friend: Jon
33. Money: Toys
34. Heartache: miss mike
35. Love: My lab cole
36. Time: to much untill time to go home from work

Tags: meme
Current Mood: indifferentindifferent